April 2014

Creditcards.com recently discovered that some credit card agreements are providing the lender with authority to seize items purchased if the buyer does not pay for them in full. Credit card debt is typically classified as “unsecured debt,” which means no collateral was pledged to secure the loan. However, provisions that allow the lender to repossess […]


If you have recently graduated or you are otherwise at a point where you are repaying your student loans, below are a few tips for helping you keep your student loan debt under control: Understand your loans. You must make sure you understand the balance on your loan and the repayment status. Keeping track of […]


The Miami Herald reports that foreclosures in the Miami area are decreasing. According to CoreLogic, one of the leading providers of financial and real property information, 8.09 percent of the mortgages outstanding in January in the Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall area were in some stage of foreclosure, down from 14.02 percent a year earlier. Although Miami’s foreclosure […]


How Do You Get Federal Student Loans Forgiven or Discharged?

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Most people are aware that discharging a student loan in bankruptcy is difficult. However, in certain circumstances, you may still be able to eliminate your federal student loan debt by obtaining loan forgiveness or administrative (non-bankruptcy) discharge. There are a variety of ways to obtain loan forgiveness or administrative discharge. Each of these options will […]


Defaulted Federal Student Loans – Rehabilitation

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Hopefully you have read our blog titled “Defaulted Federal Student Loans – Consolidation and Other Options.” This blog focuses on borrowers who desire to cure their defaulted federal student loans through a process called rehabilitation. Rehabilitation requires you to agree to a repayment plan. Typically, you must make nine payments within a ten month period. […]


Defaulted Federal Student Loans – Consolidation and Other Options


Generally, if your federal student loan is between 1 and 270 days late, it is “delinquent” (other than Perkins loans, which are in “default” after the first day of non-payment).  After 270 days of non-payment, your federal student loan is in “default”.  If your federal student loan is close to being in default, then you […]


Types of Student Loans

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The world of student loans can be confusing. There are different types of student loans and it is important to understand the differences between them. The first step in analyzing what your options are with respect to your student loans is determining exactly what type(s) of student loans you have. Student loans can be government […]


Leiderman Shelomith Announces Its Student Loan Law Practice

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Leiderman Shelomith, P.A. is proud to announce that it is expanding its practice areas to include student loan law. Because so many of our clients are struggling financially with their federal, state and private student loans, we work with you to find the options available to help make your student loan debt more manageable. We […]


Can You Discharge Business Debt in Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fort Lauderdale

Many small business owners are fully vested in their entity. They invest their time, energy, and money in trying to ensure the business’ success. As a result, when the business struggles financially, the business owner typically has financial troubles too. Many small business owners use loans, personal guarantees, personal credit cards, or personal savings or […]


DUI Debt in a Florida Bankruptcy

Fort Lauderdale Florida bankruptcy attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy hoping to discharge debt related to a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, this blog is for you! Bankruptcy law excludes certain types of debt from being discharged, including some debts related to a DUI. Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(9), debts arising from the “death or personal injury […]


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