May 2014

Below is a very helpful article written by Jay Fleischman and posted on the Consumer Ledger website: The woman sat in front of me, ears streaming down her face as she angrily proclaimed a desire to sue the credit card company for everything from mental anguish to fraud. She talked about throwing the CEO in […]


Let the debt go!


The following is an excellent article we found on the Bankruptcy Law Network. It was written by Rachel Lynn Foley and we wanted to share it: I can’t think of a more appropriate theme song for those in a financial crisis than Let it go from the movie Frozen.   A theme song  sets the tone […]


According to RealtyTrac, one of the leading sources for real property information, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area had the third-highest foreclosure activity among large metro areas last month. Of the 20 metro areas with the worst foreclosure rates, 11 are located in Florida. This should come as no surprise since the state leads the nation […]


Student Loan Debt Negatively Impacting the Housing Market

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The overwhelming amount of outstanding student loan debt – estimated to be near $1 trillion – is negatively impacting the U.S. economy. The housing industry is the primary market being affected, due to a significant decline in its richest source of new buyers, young college graduates. When graduates are delinquent on their student loans, they […]


Teri Polo Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Teri Polo, the actress best known for her role in the trilogy of “Meet the Parents” films, has filed for bankruptcy protection. She currently stars on the ABC Family show “The Fosters.” Polo is a resident of Manhattan Beach, California. Her Chapter 11 filing shows that she has assets estimated to be less than $50,000 […]


Private Student Loans & “Automatic Defaults”

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The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has reported that “automatic defaults” can happen even to individuals who faithfully pay their private student loans. Borrowers who are current on their loans have complained to the CFPB that they are being placed in automatic default when a co-signer on their loan dies or files a personal […]


Unconventional Ways to Manage Student Loan Debt

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Student loan debt is a significant financial issue across our country. If you are making payments on your loans, but you don’t feel like you are making progress, it may be time to explore some of the more unconventional options for taking control of your student loan debt. Below are a few considerations for helping […]


Considering Bankruptcy? Save Money & File Before June 1, 2014

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If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you may want to do so before June 1, 2014. Bankruptcy filing fees will increase for new cases filed on or after June 1, 2014. Some of the new filing fees are: Chapter 7 filing fees will increase to $335.00 (from $306.00) Chapter 11 filing fees will increase to […]


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