August 2014

If you are expecting a tax refund and you are in default on your student loans, the government will likely intercept the amount owed to you and apply it to your debt. The government has the ability to offset defaulted federal student loans against federal income tax refunds without first obtaining a court order. The […]


Student loan borrowers should be aware of the important changes that took effect on July 1, 2014, which may impact their loans. One of the changes affects borrowers with federal student loans that are in default. Three of the most popular options for getting a defaulted loan back in good standing are: (i) settlement; (ii) […]


Many people are aware of “Perkins Loans,” but few know what they are and the benefits they offer. The Federal Perkins Loan Program offers low-interest federal student loans to undergraduate and graduate students. To qualify for a Perkins loan, you must demonstrate that you have exceptional financial need and that you are enrolled in a […]


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